Four silks: 28cm x 50cm, painted with anilines.
Four iron cubes: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

I began the Cassandra project just before the lockdown. These days, so strange, surreal and disquieting added to it a new symbolic aspect. The project is inspired by the novel “Cassandra” by Christa Wolf.

Cassandra, mythical character from the Iliad, Priestess, prophet and visionary. Symbol of the lack of public recognition of female discourse. Of women not listened to, declared crazy or witches for saying what no one wanted to hear. In an absurd lost war she takes on the role of conscience and witness. Humiliated, raped, she experiences the fateful punishment of predicting the truth and not being believed. Declared insane because of her search for truth and reason.

I worked with color and shape as symbols. 
THE CUBE: House, container, basket in which Cassandra arrives as a slave in Mycenae, where she will be assassinated by Clytemnestra. A rigid structure, overflown by fire and blood.
WHITE: The color of Cassandra’s robe. The color of dawn, this empty moment between night and day, when the world of dreams still covers reality.
RED: The color of fire and blood. Fire is essentially tied to life. When shed, blood is tied to death.

Each silk piece has a handwritten sentence:

1. I was alone with my reason.
2. The word as a weapon for freedom.
3. Speaking with my own voice.
4. Alone among men and with no Gods.

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