I chose silk as a pictorial medium. There is no doubt that every material has its own essence, presence and charm, as well as its own secrets. I think I chose silk as the basis for my painting because of its secrets.
Since I was a child, fabrics have fascinated me, perhaps because they have always surrounded me. I wrapped myself up into them, looked at them across the light, ran my fingers over the different textures and caressed the silk. Merely by touching it, I could evoke its history, far-off countries, legends, mysterious rituals, mythical cities, religiosity and so on.... Most importantly, this attraction continues to this day. 

Maybe silk itself, the perfect symbol of metamorphosis, pushed me through this ceaseless evolution, to continuously having fun, learning and creating. I feel I am the heir of those who worked before me to assimilate the concept of beauty into everyday's life. I still believe that working with silk is an enriching process. It brings me the joy of taking risks, and encourages me to continuously try out news ideas. Over time, I have learned that the trick is not to impose anything, to simply know how to listen and establish a dialogue among silk, colors, movement, the paintbrush and me. It was not easy to remain in this no-man's land in which I chose to reside, but I believe that it's precisely in this nowhere that I found the soul and the singularity of my work. 

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