Cassandra - Túnica


180cm x 350cm.
Direct technique, painted on natural silk crêpe georgette.

Front part of a white robe that spreads out on the ground dripping blood.

Cassandra, mythical character of the Iliad, priestess, prophet and visionary. Symbol of the lack of public recognition of female speech. Unheard women, declared crazy or witches for saying what no one wanted to hear. In an absurd lost war, she assumes the role of conscience and witness. Humiliated and raped, she suffers the fateful punishment of predicting the truth and not being believed. Declared insane for her search for truth and reason.

As the medievalist Victoria Cirlot says in “Blood Silks”: «Silks keep the blood. As always, it is the blood of a sacrifice, of a murder. Sometimes sacrifice and murder are confused, actually almost always. In Kima Guitart's work, silk is her usual material, her customary support. The softness, lightness and transparency of the silk contrasts here intensely with the red of the blood, which cannot, nor does it want to, get rid of the violence of the act, the violence of the ritual. Cassandra has been murdered.


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